Preparing for Annual Leave

As the holidays approach, one starts to conceptualize the beauty of annual leave. Yes, it’s only a few days a year, and yes, it seems to go by in the blink of an eye. However, the time you get out of the office and away from the daily grind is almost liberating. Here at Think Productive we believe that work-life balance is incredibly important. So, making the most of your time away from work is key to de-stressing and rejuvenating energy levels.

Creating this separation, however, is rather challenging thanks to technology and social media keeping one tethered to their job. Our Productivity Ninja’s believe it is crucial that you cut the cord when it comes to work leave. Allow yourself to enjoy the time off and fully rest up to come back strong in the new year. The key to having full separation and enjoyment on your holiday is to take the time to leave work properly. The team over at uAttend curated this informative to-do list to help prepare you for your retreat. So, keep these tips in mind as you get ready to leave the office so you can spend your holiday relaxing opposed to worrying. And keep in mind, even though we might think the ship is going to sink when we’re not there – it’ll be under control, even without your presence for a week or two.


Productivity Ninja Annual Leave To-Do List

By Miles Singleton 

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