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Free Live Webinar - Productivity Ninja Guide to Working From Home

9th June 2020, 10am Sydney Time
We're all facing very uncertain and stressful times at the moment. Are you struggling with distractions, change of environment, the loss of familiar office routine and new ways of working? Need help to figure out how to make working from home work for you?

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Listen to Ninja Matt on the Learning to Thrive podcast

Ninja Matt Cowdroy just can't stop talking about Productivity. Join Matt and Emily Walker on the Learning to Thrive podcast. A podcast about learning, development and leadership in the digital age from the lovely peeps at Change Republic.

Learn about:
- how suffering is created when the the distracted brain doesn’t get time to focus
- managing and tweaking your email to help you stay calm even in heavy load situations
- managing meetings and boss thinking to move the important projects forward
- creating and managing your master list and key priorities

This was lots of fun and we hope you enjoy it too ....

Listen to the episode here

An article about procrastination and soooo much more - written by an amazing client

How I use the DUST model to overcome procrastination.
You have a deadline. You hear that voice in your head telling you to start now and get the work done. But instead of focusing on what is most important right now, you divert your attention to something else, telling yourself, ‘It’s OK. I’ll start this tomorrow.’ Click below to read more on Linked In.

Check out the article

Need ideas to improve your meetings?

Our Productivity Ninja, Matt Cowdroy was interviewed as part of this fantastic article published on Westpac Wire.

Read the article here

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