2023 New Year Kickstart

In this Productivity Ninja Skill Booster (recording below), Ninja Matt shared some great ideas to prep for the year ahead. It’s also an action based “Time Management” and Action Planning session. Get ready to “Harness your Ninjas & Go”.

After what was hopefully a relaxing, resetting holiday season, lets re-group and think (like a Ninja) about our plans for 2023.

Ninja Tip 1: Hide

Open up your calendar and block out some time in the next one to two weeks to do these things:

  • Tackle email backlog – Back to Zero
  • Plan for a team regroup/connection
  • Plan, review and set up for 2023
  • Plan a regular weekly review.

Ninja Tip 2: Thinking is key (Boss Thinking)

Take the time to stop, reflect and plan.

  • Think back to the year 2022 and reflect on your highlights and learnings. It’s good to reflect on what actually happened.
  • Imagine 2023 (planning the year ahead) what do you want the year to look like. Paint yourself a picture of how you want the year 2023 to look like.

Ninja Tip 3: Be mindful

Take a moment to think about how you will mindfully care for yourself and your team this year.

Ninja Tip 4: Breathe

Don’t forget to take a minute to breathe. When we’re under stress, take a few slow deep breaths to reset your brain. It will help get the ability to think back and process.

Ninja Tip 5: Human not Superhero

Look after yourself:

  • Eat to boost your immunity. and focus
  • Drink water – hydrate your brain
  • Move your body – make it fun
  • Take regular breaks! Plan them

Click here for the pdf handout.

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