Uncovering the psychology to transform your influencing skills

Do you wish you were better at influencing and persuading others?

Your ability to influence is one of the key human skills needed for success in the workplace, at any stage of your career.

The old style of command and control (just telling people!) is giving way to collaboration, cross-team and partnership working, so effective influence and persuasion is critical.

In this highly practical workshop, you’ll be reflecting on your own personal style and we’ll be opening the doors to psychological skills such as active listening, empathetic questioning and positive framing. You’ll gain an understanding of how different people think and how the organizational culture you’re in affects your ability to influence.

By the time you leave, you’ll get how influencing works and be equipped with the techniques and strategies to transform your confidence in influencing and persuading others

Who is this course for?

Anyone who as part of their role needs to get other people and stakeholders on board with their ideas. That could be convincing a team to take on a new project, pitching a new budget proposal to a senior team or selling a product to a customer.

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