• Format

    2 hour Interactive Workshop (Live Webinar or In Person)

  • Breakdown

    An interactive combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning

  • No. of Participants

    Max of 20

  • Results

    Inspiration, ideas and tools to assist leading a high performing team when the focus shifts to remote working.

  • Key Features
    • Learn why culture matters more, not less, when people work from home
    • Ideas to create or recreate the social rituals and interactions that help bind and motivate teams and promote wellbeing
    • How to lead and look after people during periods of change or uncertainty
    • The benefits of communications manifestos (& how to create them for your team)
    • How to be agile and resilient when plans and circumstances change quickly
    • Identify and act upon the opportunities that remote working brings, as well as how to deal with the threats

Leading remote teams is never easy. “Working from home” has often been viewed with suspicion by Team Leaders. But organisations like BaseCamp, the Wikimedia Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, and indeed Think Productive,  have operated almost exclusively remotely for years – and see remote working as a flexible, agile competitive advantage.

So how do you have water-cooler moments when there’s no water-cooler?  Or meet back at base when there isn’t a base? How do you create the culture for high-performance? And make sure no one is making pasta when they should be paying attention on the team conference call?

Delivered by one of our expert ‘Productivity Ninjas’ (all of whom work predominantly remotely), this 90-minute interactive webinar looks at strategic perspectives as well as practical tools and take-aways, helping you lead a productive, agile, happy and informed remote team.