Weekly Review with a Productivity Ninja

Productivity Ninja Weekly Review

Productivity Ninja Weekly Review – Friday 9th April – 11am – 12:30pm (Sydney time)

This is a free online group session facilitated by one of our Productivity Ninja to support you in doing a weekly review.

One of the things that keeps us focused and on top of our stuff is doing a weekly review. When you have too much to do, taking time out to stop doing it can seem like an odd idea. But it certainly keeps me on track.

We will walk you through the basics for about 10 minutes, have some group sharing and then work together on our own weekly reviews.

Don't just take our word for it...

Life changing is how I would describe Think productive methods.

Sonia Sparkes (Symantec Global Consulting Operations)

I admit I was sceptical as I hear ‘productivity’ and imagine a focus on squeezing the most out of yourself to the detriment of your own wellbeing, so it was a really pleasant surprise to find that wellbeing, care and kindness were woven throughout. The whole team seemed really engaged and it was good to feel like we were ‘together’ in something when we can’t be together physically.

Workshop Participant (Cardiff University)

Best development session I’ve ever had. Great to focus on myself and how I become better.

Will Mills Operations Support Manager (Boots UK Limited)

One of the best online sessions during this whole lockdown year.

Workshop Participant

The 2 hours flew past and it was so convenient and interactive and ran extremely smoothly.

Workshop Participant

I have now changed the pressure I put on myself to get everything done

Workshop Participant

The webinar was just mind blowing. It made me appreciate how important self-care is, and that doing 'more' can actually slow down productivity. I'm definitely going to put in place all of the nine steps and tweak and change based on my experiences.

Workshop Participant

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