Team vision rocket fuel

Sticky goals and ninja action. A powerful workshop combo to drive team engagement.

Excite your team with clear shared goals and an inspiring vision for 2022.

It’s time to create a new sense of clarity as we move into 2022 and to mentally detox from the wild ride the last two years have been. Our workshop combo will help your team create clear goals, an inspiring vision and a plan for action – Ninja Style!

What a crazy ride the last 2 years have been! We know it’s been tough and stressful.

As we approach the end of 2021 (hallelujah!) it’s a great opportunity to pause and reflect and to create a vision of what the future will hold…

Our new Team Vision Rocket Fuel workshop combo is designed to help your team feel excited and on track and focused on the New Year with clarity and purpose.

WORKSHOP 1 – Ocean Flow STICKY Goal Setting & Vision Boarding workshop. This fun workshop will help you and your team to set STICKY goals and create an inspiring Vision Board (for either personal or team goals).


WORKSHOP 2 – Our brand NEW Ninja Action & Project Planning workshop. A powerful and highly interactive workshop to convert your goals and vision into action with the help of our cool little Ninjas of course!


  • Motivate your team with clear goals and an inspiring vision.
  • How to turn your vision into action – Ninja style!
  • Provide clarity and connection as we move into 2022


These two new workshops are available now as a combo program to move your vision and goals to action.

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