Photo of cards and book
Photo of cards and book

Join us to design your 2024 and make it the most fulfilling year yet.

Join us for this special interactive event to set your focus for the year ahead. 2023 is done and dusted, you now have a fresh slate for 2024.  How do you design 2024 to make it the most fulfilling year yet?

We will be using an image driven process* to help you go deeper, get more clarity and tap into your tacit knowledge to uncover your deeper desires and motivations.

Clarifying your vision for 2024 will support your Productivity Ninja journey and help provide focus and direction for where you choose to invest your attention and energy.

As Dr Sue Curtis says: “Where your attention goes, energy flows and life grows.”

This special event will be facilitated by Leonie Cutts, co-founder of CCS Corporation.  Leonie is a certified coach, co-creator of the CCS cards, a chocolate bullet binge eater and a loves Mexican food.

*As part of this process you will get to experience the power of the digital CCS Cards. You will be sent a QR code ahead of the session to download the free digital cards.

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