We hold public workshops to make our Productivity Ninja training accessible for everyone. You can book a place for yourself or multiple spots for your team. Pick from our workshops below to find out more and look for a workshop near you.

The Way of the Productivity Ninja®

We have developed a unique, ninja-like approach to increasing productivity. This short seminar introduces you to The Way of the Productivity NInja®  and shows you how to keep a zen-like calm as well as an agile ruthlessness in the face of the enemy – information overload.

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Getting Your Inbox to Zero

The average worker spends 41% of their time on email management, and the volume of email each of us receives is currently doubling every 4-5 years. More than half of all UK workers admit to being stressed by how much email they receive. It’s time to take control.

With our Getting Your Inbox to Zero email training, we’ll show you some frameworks, tips and tricks that will significantly reduce your email processing time. Your inbox will be at zero by the time we leave.

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How to Be a Productivity Ninja®

How to Be a Productivity NInja®  is a practical full-day workshop designed to help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain greater control and clarity in your work and life.  We focus on habits, choices, actions, attention and energy, as well as project-planning and the art of perfect ‘to-do lists’ to help you and your team learn how to get things done.

We’ll teach you about productivity models and psychology, but crucially, we also work practically through at-desk coaching, helping to implement simple, fool-proof personal workflow systems to organize and define your work. By the end of the day, you’ll feel in complete control.